Thuiszittersgids – Brand development for a quick launch

Thuiszittersgids is helping parents of school dropouts with tools and guides to acquire fitting education for their child.

I helped in their brand development stage and designed their logo and brand guidelines for a playful, yet simplistic and consistent look which is currently speeding up their launch.

The logo’s simple icon resembles a house but also an arrow which symbolizes the place school dropouts often get stuck and the direction which Thuiszittersgids offers.

Past Niet! – National attention on a local scale

I managed the online marketing for the campaign of “Past Niet!” which raised awareness for the more than 15.000 kids that can’t go to school in the Netherlands because of their high intelligence by cycling across the country.

The campaign’s launch video got over 4000 views across platforms and by publishing interviews with professional’s and affected parents and kids we built a personal connection to the issue and got another 3000 views on YouTube.

Because of the campaigns strong online presence and our well written press release Spirare Talent Valley and it’s students were interviewed by national and regional media. This increased their websites traffic by 317% and resulted in more than 100 new applicants.

They we’re also invited to a video call with the minister of education and he is scheduled to visit Spirare to talk about the issue.

Schoolvlogs – Online learning, easily managed

I designed and developed an online learning platform for which is used in- and outside of Dutch classrooms to teach kids about digital media using their laptops, tablets or phones.

The site runs on WordPress with a custom LMS plugin which makes it easy to add and edit new or existing classes as the program expands.

Mighty1 – Quick maintenance portfolio

Local graphic designer and educator Mighty 1 needed a new portfolio website to which he could easily and quickly add projects to when they were complete.

I designed and developed a system using WordPress and a custom theme which formats any new projects text and images to the preferred layout automatically. The portfolio is also sortable by 3 different tags for the different services which Mighty 1 offers.

Wørt – Duchtig lekker

For the local café Wørt I created multiple promotional images for online and offline use to help attract people back to the café after the Covid-19 lockdowns had ended. The image sequence of the Hamburger being eaten we’re made to show the different layers and “ruggedness” of Wørt’s hamburgers and café. The end title in the local dialect reads: “Duchtig Lekker” which highlights the same values once again.

All the images were framed in the café’s logo which has become a recognizable trademark for locals and regulars.